14 Nov, 2016

Answers to Your Branding Questions

14 Nov, 2016

After announcing our company’s rebranding with a new logo and website, we received a myriad of interest and excitement. Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm with us!

We also received questions about branding, like: Why is it necessary to rebrand? What was the process? How long did it take? What were the challenges? We have attempted to answer some of your questions below.


Why Rebrand?

Like any style or fashion, brand elements are not static, and should evolve over time, repositioning the brand towards its ever-evolving audience. To keep pace with the audience and technology, brands need refreshing and revitalizing. At Marx Group, we recognized that our website needed a fresh, contemporary look and brand message, and also to meet the standards of today’s web design experiences.

Our new tagline, Amplifying Brands, is about the work we do, connecting brands with customers–emotionally–and building trust and brand preference. In order to build trust and brand preference, your brand must be relatable to your audience. It must speak their language. If you find that your brand elements no longer relate to current culture, generational influence, or that they may not be aligned with near future trends, then it may be time to think about repositioning your brand.


What Was the Process?

Initially, our goal was to simply revamp our website. But, as we reflected on our brand story and our goals for the immediate and long-term, we learned that we needed to better convey our passion for the aftermarket and for the people in this industry, as well as to convey the 30+ years of expertise that guide Marx Group in all we do. So we shifted gears to focus on our brand positioning first, before delving into the website redesign.

We drafted a new brand strategy solidifying the brand’s direction and used it as a foundation for all the decisions we made moving forward. The strategy included our:

  • brand promise
  • brand personality
  • brand positioning statement
  • brand message
  • brand elements

As we began the web redesign process and started to see the visual story of the site coming together, the marketing team approached the executive team to demonstrate the importance of revamping our logo to match our new brand story. Our executive team was enthusiastic at the idea of refocusing our brand with a clean and modern redesign of our logo. Along with refreshing our fonts, we designed our ‘M’ icon to be representative of our three core services of research, strategy and marketing communications, which are the pillars of a sound marketing program. After that, all the pieces of our brand story came together and our marketing and digital teams ran with infusing the new brand elements into the new site.


How Long Did It Take?

The project included:

  • discovery
  • brand and logo development
  • web design
  • brand guidelines
  • collateral design

It went from early April to late October, 2016, with a dedicated project leader and using our creative team to design elements of the project.


Rebranding is Vital

Rebranding is vital to the health and longevity of a business. It keeps a company’s brand fresh and engaging in the minds of its customers. Since the process can be complicated and time consuming, an outside firm can be very helpful. Equipped with the necessary expertise and skills, they can make the rebranding process easier and more efficient. Most importantly, hiring an expert can bring an objective point of view to help you navigate the ins and outs of rebranding and assist with gaining alignment from the various stakeholders in your business.


To see examples of our Branding Work, check out our portfolio, which is searchable by each specific service we provide.

If you have specific questions relating to rebranding your business, please feel free to contact us at ssavine@marxgrp.com to speak with us about your brand.