We implemented two interactive sessions to educate Betts’ senior management on the recommended aggressive marketing campaign we designed to get their buy-in.

In 2013 three distinct new brands were announced under one company effectively communicating their new messaging. Each brand now speaks directly to what they uniquely offer to their customers.

We have gone on to design a large majority of collateral for Betts Company and it’s new divisions, from websites to company letterhead and much more.

Nearly 150 years old and in its sixth generation of family leadership, Betts was a company that had not evolved beyond its original identity. They had been making limited investment in their overall branding and marketing strategy. The brand looked dated and their marketing efforts needed to be modernized. With limited marketing employee bandwidth, Betts did not have all of the skills to handle the change in-house. There was no clear differentiation between the various industries served by Betts, their competitors were gaining market share, and sales were only slowly increasing.

Betts approached us for help in crafting an integrated marketing plan to boost brand awareness while tracking the result to the bottom line. Our team conducted a brand awareness study and recommended a major shift in the company’s go-to-market strategy.

The study revealed that Betts had out-grown its old name and “Betts Springs” no longer accurately reflected all they did. Holding on to the legacy of the Betts name, we recommended that a clear distinction be created between the company’s divisions and the various market segments. Thus, Betts Company, Betts Springs, Betts HD, and Betts Truck Parts & Service were born. The logo was redesigned with a more modern look and feel and we delivered a detailed tactical marketing plan to support all their recommendations.

The first 4 years of the program resulted in a 15% ROI (return on investment). The company’s brand awareness is growing, they are gaining back market share and increasing sales. Employees are excited about the company improvements and Betts’ image in the marketplace now is that of a major player.

“Marx Group is a talented marketing partner providing a broad range of valued services. Their passion and customer centricity is evident. They are bold by nature but modulate their approach to fit the client situation. We are honored to work with TMG and receive great value from the relationship.”

– Marcus Shievely,
Vice President Finance and Business Development

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