The trainings consisted of a mix of lecture-style and hands-on training to engage the technicians, shop owners, and educators who attended.

Both print and online ads were created to spread interest in the events in U.S. and Canada.

Attendees were asked to participate in a focus group after the trainings for us to gain insight into their background and how they want to receive trainings in the future and what kind of information they want to receive. The feedback was loud and clear – technicians want more opportunities for training.

The training events were held at K-1 Speed Go-Kart Racing locations. The events concluded with go-kart racing, which was especially fun for shops who brought multiple employees and created a wonderful team building experience beyond the training.

Schaeffler, a 40-year-old, multibillion dollar global supplier of replacement parts and systems for engines, transmissions and chassis was looking to establish its brand in the North American automotive aftermarket as a resource for technicians. They saw “training” as an area with the potential to enhance their business.

Schaeffler had extensive experience in new technology and solutions for vehicle problems but was not as widely known for this expertise in the industry. With limited experience in training, Schaeffler needed help in designing an effective and attractive training program for technicians.

Their LuK, FAG, INA and Ruville brands were individually familiar and respected names in the aftermarket, but the parent company, Schaeffler, was not an immediately recognizable brand.

To launch the company’s existing REPXPERT program in the North American automotive aftermarket, we developed a multifaceted training and marketing campaign based off of the REPXPERT design.

We creared a training program, crafted its messaging, put together the collateral, and organized, marketed and executed two training events in Torrance, CA and Toronto, ON, with great success. The deliverables included postcards, brochures, digital ads, e-mail marketing, media placement, and event design.

The events created a fun and entertaining environment for technicians. Attendees had a choice of a full-day offering on either Saturday or Sunday, hands-on training, free lunch, go-kart racing and more.

Held in training rooms at a go-Kart facility, the event drew many technicians, shop owners and service writers and successfully delivered Schaeffler’s technology message to them. All attendees received Certificates of Completion and branded gifts. Many attendees thanked Schaeffler for the training and asked for more.

Schaeffler received plenty of media coverage for both events.

“It was a day of solid product recognition, installation training, troubleshooting training, and product education. Thank you for putting on a great event at a unique, memorable, and fun venue.

As an aftermarket installer, your friendly and sage trainers helped me learn even more about the high quality of your products, which in turn earned my respect, trust, and confidence in your company. Thank you so much and please continue on with even more product training and support in our area.”

– N.V.