ANSA Ad Campaigns

With a broad product offering across a diverse audience, we were tasked with creating campaigns for ANSA, ANSA SPORT® and Silverline™ products.

How many manufacturers are willing to stamp their brand name brazenly on their product? ANSA wanted dealers and end users to understand the quality of these Silverline-brand stainless steel exhaust tips. We had some fun developing the headline “We’re a Little Shameless” to best convey the promise of high quality.

2006 Winner: “Shameless” Ad Campaign, Global Design Awards, The Car Care Council Women’s Board and the Automotive Communication Council

Other campaigns aimed at equating high-level performance for the every-day diesel pick-up truck. This campaign was used as a table top POS display.

2006 Winner: Silverline POS Display, MarCom Creative Awards

  • Client:

    ANSA Automotive Parts Distributors, Inc.

  • Live Demo:

  • Skills:
    • Strategy
    • Creative Design
    • POS