VIPAR Heavy Duty Collateral

Our research showed the fleet buyer wanted to access replacement parts that could be consistently purchased nationwide regardless of the location or ownership of the local independent distributor that was selling and delivering the parts. This VIPAR Heavy Duty ad campaign was conceived to deliver these specific messages to service advisors and buyers for regional and national fleets. Emphasis was placed on how the members of the VIPAR Heavy Duty network could provide parts with nationwide warranties and consistent pricing, combined with technology to facilitate easy ordering and customized billing. The campaign ran in both print and online media.

2010 Winner: Print Ad Campaign, “It’s Our Duty” campaign, The Car Care Council Women’s Board and the Automotive Communication Council Awards.

For over 9 years, we have developed creative solutions for VIPAR’s collateral, across a large range of brands. We serve as their public relations partner and write and distribute their press releases to the media. Each year we provide assistance with VIPAR’s media buying and placement.

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    VIPAR Heavy Duty

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    • Branding
    • Creative Design
    • Collateral
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    • Public Relations