VP, Research

For John, research is about uncovering the facts. A true seeker of information, John is responsible for all market research at Marx Group, providing experienced leadership for the past several years. Marx Group research services include focus groups, market studies, primary surveys, and predictive analysis.

John brings to Marx Group 35+ years of automotive industry wisdom. His experience includes strategic planning, new product development, acquisitions and divestitures, joint venture relationships, and innovating solutions to adapt to ever-changing technology and market environments. Successful with direct sales, sales management, multiple brands, cross-channel marketing and implementing steps to achieve targeted objectives, he has held director of marketing and product positions for major brands of full coverage application-oriented programs and custom packaged brands of automotive accessories.

Driven by a natural curiosity, a knack for exploration and a profound love for his family, he can be found globetrotting the world to visit his children and grandkids.