Executive VP, Marketing & Creative Services

In her 14+ years at Marx Group, Kerri is energetically dedicated to the needs of our clients and gathering the right resources to develop relevant marketing solutions. Her team has dubbed her a true “efficiency-addict,” executing projects to the highest standards, increasing the value of each hour in the day.

Drawing from her industry knowledge (Kerri has been to 12 SEMAs and AAPEXs!) and her expertise in Marketing and Media buying, she is a coach everyone should listen to. Prior to The Marx Group, Kerri led Marketing efforts for Apogee Sound, a Professional Loudspeaker Manufacturer, and Jandy Pool and Spa Products, a division of Waterpik. Kerri’s career in Marketing began 20+ years ago in the record industry, landing her first gig at Global Pacific Records and later at Access Music.

Kerri works to develop and execute strategic marketing plans and campaigns, directs media planning, and guides public relations and editorial opportunities. In her tenure, Kerri has gained an exponential depth of institutional knowledge of the automotive and heavy duty aftermarket industry. You might even catch her ogling over American Muscle or talking shop with other auto enthusiasts at industry events. Kerri holds a degree in International Business and is fluent in Spanish.

When she’s not in the office, Kerri works hard as Team Mom, videographer and marketing maven for her son’s many baseball teams and assists with her 9-year old daughter’s baking and craft projects.