5 Elements Necessary for Effective Landing Pages

1. Clear Headline

Get to the point clearly and quickly. Directly state who (or what) you are and what you offer at the top of the page. Tell your visitor why they care about being on your page.

2. Consistency

Ensure that the page meets visitor expectations based on what interested them to click on your page in the first place. Stay on message. No one likes “click spam.”

3. Clean Design

Ditch the banner ads or other marketing chatter that’s irrelevant to your page. Guide your visitor to the action you want them to take without cluttering up their ability to convert.

4. Call To Action

Having one large call-to-action button will optimize how many visitors convert on your page. Experiment with the copy in your button, and remember visitors are more likely to click if they don’t feel like they have to commit. “LEARN MORE” can be more enticing than “BUY NOW.”

5. Measure Conversion

Know exactly what you want to measure and ensure your systems for measuring are setup before you launch your page. If you aren’t directly converting from your call-to-action button, designate another KPI and set a goal for the target you want to hit.


Stand out from the crowd by utilizing videos on your page, which can increase conversions by 86% (Source)

With easy access to landing page templates online, there’s no more excuses for poorly designed pages. Contact our team if you need help implementing any of these ideas!