Trouble Getting Your Brand Noticed?

The top-five brands for 2016 in Interbrand’s annual “Best Global Brands Report” were Apple, Google, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and Toyota. While your brand may not have the reach (or budget) of these global mega-brands, you can still use the same tactics they do to establish your brand in your market.  


  So, what makes the great brands great? All of the brands on the Interbrand list provide a product that is wanted or needed by their target audiences. They have a clear sense of self and remember that they are talking to people. Further, they are lauded for positive customer service experiences. To see where your favorite brands rank, view the Top 100 here. The most important element to any branding program is consistency. You must continue to push the brand outward to your target audience. Any lapses give your customers time and opportunity to consider your competitors.

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